Dissection and collage of popular culture characters, symbols, and everyday life 
Section 1: Identity  
Where do characters come from? The existence of an Italian plumber eating mushrooms, jumping on turtles and rescuing a princess is so ingrained in our popular culture, it’s like he’s alway been there. In researching the origin of super Mario, I was surprised to find that he was born because Nintendo couldn’t get the rights to use Popeye in an arcade game
Section 2 :  Soul   Wally(/Waldo)   does some soul searching 
Two mice looking for their soul mate 
Section 3: Technology  
There’s something irresistible about drawing a non human using a computer 
Vaporwave meets Jurrasic Park and Mars Attacks with a touch of Ex Machina 
Section 4 : Mythology 
Pluto as Cerberus, the multi-headed dog that guards the Underworld in greek mythology
Pikachu as a Hindu Deity 

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